An interactive and sensory VR experience about experiencing psychotic episodes.

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Experience the psychotic episodes that artist Susan Weinreich had to live with for over ten years.




To not be completely conscious about your surroundings, creating confusion.

Everyone experiences a different kind of psychoses, but their surroundings almost always react the same way – causing incomprehension.



Psychoses are unknown territory, making it difficult for other people to interact with someone experiencing psychotic episodes. 

 Everyone has some sort of indication or feeling that you’re visualizing things that aren’t there in reality. It can be said that there is a fine line between reality and one’s own reality. 



Most of the time people are labelled as someone who is a danger to society but most of all to themselves. The cause of this is that people are ignorant and clueless when it comes down how it really feels to experience psychotic episodes. 

What if all of this makes you lose sense of society?   

A psychosis is subjective. That is exactly why we have decided to visualize and tell our interpretation of Susan Weinreichs story. We are able to do this by using low and high senses such as smell, sight, touch and sound in a so-called sensory documentary.

Our main purpose is to inform and make people aware of how it actually feels to experience different psychotic episode, whilst being trapped in your own room, during a number of years. 



Every object in this VR- experience is also present in the real world. The fine line between the virtual reality and the real world makes you question what is real and what isn’t. 


To be able to show the different stages of Susans psychoses we have made a scent mechanism. Due to this mechanism you will be able to smell her perfume, the paint she uses and (real) sweat. 


Your digital hands are tight to you with wrist wraps. These digital hands – and your real hands empty – make sure that you can interact with your surroundings in both realities. 

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Ilana Soetens

Yannic van de Klundert

Jelske van Schadewijk

Niek Ijzendoorn

Aron Zegers

Bas Marijnissen


About Susan Weinreich

Take a look at her website for her story and the art she has made during her psychotic episodes.